It Can be Challenging to Share Military Experiences.

Process & Connect With The People That Matter

Warrior Spirit Mission Homefront provides a safe, non-judgmental, non-confrontational and enjoyable environment which facilitates real connection and understanding.

This card deck of 400 questions and interactions empowers Service Members and Veterans to share their deployment, military service, and life experiences with peers, loved ones, partners, families, and friends in a healthy, reflective and interactive environment.



Simply returning home, or even being back home for years, doesn’t mean anyone is the same person they were before military service. Warrior Spirit Mission Homefront helps to rebuild bonds and to strengthen relationships through empathy and understanding, providing a safe and enjoyable space to process and share experiences and to understand who we have become.

"Thank you for your service."

It takes on new meaning when you truly connect and understand.

Changing Roles

A Service Member goes from having a clear purpose to being home, without a defined goal and without a military unit.

Processing Trauma

Enduring the experiences from service can create divides, and may lead to a sense of exclusion and loneliness.


Having experienced military service may cause one to have different world views from those at home, which can lead to discomfort and separation.

The Good We Can Do

Reintegrating in a shared and supportive way after service is a process which might be ignored. Warrior Spirit was developed specifically to assist you with this process.


Of Couple Relationships Strengthened 


Questions & Interactions in Each Deck


Facilities Using Warrior Spirit Games


Decks Donated Approximately 

Strengthen Relationships

Developing Empathy and Trust are made easy by engaging in this defense lowering resource.

Rejoin Community

Building camaraderie, both during and after Service, through allowing for vulnerability and shared experiences.

Process & Heal

Warrior Spirit allows you to share at your own pace, in your own time, gently bridging divides.

Empower Identity

Warrior Spirit supports Service Members and Veterans in strengthening their sense of self, purpose and reality.


Praise For Warrior Spirit Mission Home Front

Allowing for vulnerability and connection brings healing, power, and kinship.


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